Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  John 6d90877ee3 routing i guess 6 months ago
  John d14575e3ed added file watching to config files. 11 months ago
  John b58a2e0ff2 tweaks 11 months ago
  John bca98cd020 plan for the file watch. probably not happening till after my next set 11 months ago
  John 061e4bf0fb removed the silly live stuff from server 11 months ago
  John 31597c0d2e fix bug where we crash on an unknown message 11 months ago
  John cc8c5332d1 added a message that is called on start 11 months ago
  John fa3bd9b673 final tweaks for v1 release 11 months ago
  John e0231d85ea made the -f option actually do a thing 1 year ago
  John 1e30f2ac03 fixed a bug with the address matching pattern 1 year ago
  John 944426feba this is essentially ready for a release. the core parts all work now 1 year ago
  John c6643b356c a bunch of stuff i forget. sorry for the bad msg 1 year ago
  John 02d3190724 ACTUALLY fixed the arg string issue. which would have broken with messages whose first argument was 0 1 year ago
  John c5267d26d7 fixed a bug where arg string would consume the whol mesaage if the osc contained ints whose bytes were all control characters 1 year ago
  John 5464a9fedc linting 1 year ago
  John 71ca6ad508 broke the server out into coroutines so multiple ports can be listend to 1 year ago
  John 95720e933d added a helper to turn strings into osc strings, also finished the create function 1 year ago
  John 56d49ff219 added stuff to accomodate floats 1 year ago
  John 2a624da1b1 added a place holder for the function that will actually rout everything 1 year ago
  John 9d3b22640d i added a method to the osc messages but i'm not sure how i feel about doing that. It's also definitely not the correct way to do that. 1 year ago
  John a5961617a3 updated the cli's 1 year ago
  John 77eb4fa9d2 tweaked the live so that local functions get updated 1 year ago
  John b5588b37bc clean the string calls to be methods 1 year ago
  John 5b7ff41590 linted 1 year ago
  John 2ca2954592 linted 1 year ago
  John d0ba8cda81 added the bit op note, linted, current loop only prints instead of actually routing 1 year ago
  John de318a9215 fixed some bugs 1 year ago
  John 0e686cc149 linted 1 year ago
  John 53b8a96354 converts a lua number into a network-order int32. to be used in the osc.create function 1 year ago
  John 8f0a7d4de9 mostly finished the setup for the routing tables 1 year ago