A collection of small, handy components for unity. All CC0

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A collection of small, handy components for unity. All CC0

List of Components

  • Comment
    • lets you write comments in your game objects
  • AnimationCurvePlotter_Example
    • example snippet to shot how to abuse unity's AnimationCurve to plot values over time
  • RunOnStartWithoutAMonobehavior_Example
    • example snippet to have code run 'on start' without needing a monobehavior/game object
  • InputTweak
    • a child of Input that will translate mouse events into touch events so you can standardize on touch
  • ExtensionMethods
    • Map() - maps a float within a range
  • RectTransformViewer
    • Displays all the actual unmodified properties of the RectTransform of the GameObject it is on
  • Swipe Movement routine_Example
    • An example of a swipe coroutine